Package yarfraw.generated.googlebase.elements

Class Summary
DateTimeRangeType Defines a time interval.
GoogleBaseExtension Describes the "schema" for an "item" in googlebase -- the basic unit in a "feed".
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the yarfraw.generated.googlebase.elements package.
ShippingType Defines shipping option for an item.
TaxType Java class for taxType complex type.

Enum Summary
CountryEnumeration Java class for countryEnumeration.
CurrencyCodeEnumeration Java class for currencyCodeEnumeration.
ElementTypeEnumeration Java class for elementTypeEnumeration.
GenderEnumeration Java class for genderEnumeration.
PaymentMethodEnumeration Java class for paymentMethodEnumeration.
PriceTypeEnumeration Java class for priceTypeEnumeration.

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