Package net.opengis.gml

Class Summary
AbstractCurveType An abstraction of a curve to support the different levels of complexity.
AbstractGeometricPrimitiveType This is the abstract root type of the geometric primitives.
AbstractGeometryType All geometry elements are derived directly or indirectly from this abstract supertype.
AbstractGMLType All complexContent GML elements are directly or indirectly derived from this abstract supertype to establish a hierarchy of GML types that may be distinguished from other XML types by their ancestry.
AbstractMetaDataType An abstract base type for complex metadata types.
AbstractRingPropertyType Encapsulates a ring to represent the surface boundary property of a surface.
AbstractRingType An abstraction of a ring to support surface boundaries of different complexity.
AbstractSurfaceType An abstraction of a surface to support the different levels of complexity.
CodeType Name or code with an (optional) authority.
CoordinatesType Tables or arrays of tuples.
CoordType Represents a coordinate tuple in one, two, or three dimensions.
DirectPositionListType DirectPositionList instances hold the coordinates for a sequence of direct positions within the same coordinate reference system (CRS).
DirectPositionType DirectPosition instances hold the coordinates for a position within some coordinate reference system (CRS).
EnvelopeType Envelope defines an extent using a pair of positions defining opposite corners in arbitrary dimensions.
LinearRingType A LinearRing is defined by four or more coordinate tuples, with linear interpolation between them; the first and last coordinates must be coincident.
LineStringType A LineString is a special curve that consists of a single segment with linear interpolation.
MetaDataPropertyType Base type for complex metadata property types.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the net.opengis.gml package.
PointPropertyType A property that has a point as its value domain can either be an appropriate geometry element encapsulated in an element of this type or an XLink reference to a remote geometry element (where remote includes geometry elements located elsewhere in the same document).
PointType A Point is defined by a single coordinate tuple.
PolygonType A Polygon is a special surface that is defined by a single surface patch.
StringOrRefType This type is available wherever there is a need for a "text" type property.

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