Where do I find more documentations and references?
The Javadoc is a great source of documentations. This API relies heavily on generated code from this schema. If you understand XML schmea, then you should take a look at the schema, it will give you some insights on how objects are mapped to xml and vice versa.

Where do I get more supports?
Use support forum and user mailing list. (Mailing list is the preferred way).


Does the reader supports Http conditional get?
Yes, it's supported by a special feed reader called CachedFeedReader, which extends FeedReader. It supports conditional get and basic caching, see here for more information.

I need to perform more sophisticated caching and http request handling than the CachedFeedReader, what should I do?
In that case, there are a few things you can do:

1. use the static read channel method in FeedReader.

2. extend the FeedReader class and override the method:

protected InputStream getStream() throws IOException{}

perhaps throw a special runtime exception when you decide not to read the stream.

3. write a wrapper class to wrap the FeedReader class and manage the http stream in that class and pass it to FeedReader.

(also see this discussion thread).

method 1 will be most flexible, but it does not perform format detection automatically, use FeedFormatDetector to detect the feed format.

For method 2 and 3, take a look at the source codes of CachedFeedReader