Package yarfraw.core.datamodel

Class Summary
CategorySubject Rss 2.0 - the <category> element Rss 1.0 - the <dc:subject> element Atom 1.0 - the <category> element
ChannelFeed The name of the channel.
Cloud This is only used by Rss 2.0.
Content Rss 2.0 - This is not officially supported, but if there's a <content:encoded /> element under <Item>, the content of the encoded element will be mapped to this class.
Enclosure This is only used by Rss 2.0.
Describes a media object that is attached to the item.
Generator Rss 1.0 - Not supported, this is ignored. Rss 2.0 - <generator> A string indicating the program used to generate the channel.
Id This maps to both <guid> in Rss and <id> in Atom.
Image Rss 2.0 - Image is an optional sub-element of Image, which contains three required and three optional sub-elements.
ItemEntry A channel may contain any number of ItemEntrys.
Link Rss 2.0 and Rss 1.0 - the <link> element.
Person Rss 1.0 & Rss 2.0 - only email filed is used, other fields are ignored.
Source This is only used by Rss 2.0.
Source is an optional sub-element of ItemEntry.
Text This class is mapped to element of type xs:string as well as to text constructs element in Atom 1.0.
TextInput <TextInput> element of Rss 1.0 and Rss 2.0.

Enum Summary
FeedFormat The format of a rss feed.

Exception Summary
ValidationException Indicates mal-formness of the rss data model.
YarfrawException Indicates an unexpected error occurs.

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